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“Working on a stand-alone, sequel. What characters do you want to see in the next book? ” Shannon Symonds

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Shannon Symonds The in laws are making a surprise visit! They are bringing your new husbands old girlfriend, you know, the one his mother likes better!
Shannon Symonds Hogwarts! I would travel to Hogwarts to ride a broom, play with magic and bring back a house elf! Man do I need a house elf!! :)
Shannon Symonds After listening to Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad speak at Time Out for Women about his work to end sex trafficking I purchased The Lincoln Hypothesis by Time Ballard. It is his look at Lincoln, his inspired leadership and work to end slavery.
I just finished "The Girl Who Wrote in Silk," by Kelli Estes. I loved it!
I also recently picked up a novel called "The Lilac Girls," by Martha Hall Kelly. It's a novel about 3 different women during WWII. I look forward to reading it like candy! A treat for stormy nights.
Shannon Symonds Great question! How do you weather the storms of change, find Mr. Right and hide from Mr. Wrong?
Shannon Symonds Good writers write about what they know. I work as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. But because the work I do is so sensitive and confidential, I can never write about individual stories or even what I do.

Safe House is a fiction. Because it is fiction, it allows me to share with the reader what an advocate is, how they work and some of the important issues facing survivors of domestic abuse.

As an advocate I have witness some consistent issues survivors face. Survivors often feel the abuse is their fault, or feel responsible in some way. Survivors will also stay in extremely dangerous situations because they fear losing their children to the abuser, or in the court system. Abusers often work very hard to make family, police and others believe their victim is mentally ill and not to be believed. Observing these patterns gave me my idea for the story, "Safe House."
Shannon Symonds I write to make sense of the world around me, share my passions and inspire others.

I wrote my first poem after the loss of the beloved grandfather Papa. I wrote my first articles in an effort to raise awareness of the challenges survivors of trauma and abuse face.

I wrote Safe House to share the anguish and frustration I feel as I watch survivors of domestic violence caught in a world that doesn't see or understand them and a legal system they are often afraid to use. I also wanted to reveal the work of advocates, first responders, nurses and others serving survivors.

I write because I's like breathing.
Shannon Symonds Another Grace James story. Many young people feel safer sleeping on the streets than they do at home. Home is the known danger, the street is the better bet. Friends become family and loyalty to friends can keep you alive. What happens when a street wise kid is offered a safe place to live?

What if you all you ever wanted was to be loved, but don't feel worthy?
Shannon Symonds Don't be afraid! Criticism is your friend. Risk. Write what you know. Learn from others. Seek out experienced writers and ask for feedback. Then take the leap and send in the book.
Shannon Symonds The magical moment you fall into a story, poem or article and it feels like it is writing itself, and you are just a conduit who can't type fast enough.
Shannon Symonds A good long run on the beach.

Sometimes a moment away to clear my mind brings me right back to the story or article I am working on. I take voice notes on my phone if I have a thought I want to catch before it slips away.

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