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Don Foxe I realize fiction authors, especially those working in SFF, are expected to have wild imaginations and other-worldly expectations. Relative to fiction, I fit those criteria. Relative to travel, I prefer the world I live on and in.

I dream as, I hope, everyone does of far-off adventures, and exciting stuff happening around me . . . but If I am spending my waking time contemplating going somewhere, it will be a city with interesting architecture, or a place with unspoiled, uncluttered beaches, or a mountain easy enough to climb up and down without gear, but still offering a reward at the summit.

Don Foxe In January of 1984 I was in a parachuting accident. It changed my life's direction, taking me into the health and fitness industry. Very few people know that a lot of my life before the accident is sporadic in my memory. I recall some events vividly, and whole blocks of time are gone.
Don Foxe Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Almost the perfect pair. Almost the right fit. Almost the right time. Almost the right place. Almost gonna happen. In most serial reads with sexual tension between couples, they either do it, or it gets really boring. Butcher keeps the two characters interesting and the attraction out of the way of the action.
I like the couple because I like them as individual characters.
Don Foxe Sorry, but I'm dealing with the opposite. I can't get all of the ideas around the characters and potential stories out of my head and on paper fast enough. I have write-on boards in my office, so when a random thought hits, I write a couple of quick reminder notes.
So write. I find the character-development required in short stories is the most enjoyable thing for me personally. Don't write a novel if you're dealing with a block. Develop one character.
Don Foxe Weightloss! No, seriously . . . I find extra time spent in front of the computer on writing and research takes away from snack time . . . and I will not take snacks into my office! More seriously . . . the feedback from people who read the rough stories and storylines. I really appreciate the divergent points of view and suggestions.
Don Foxe Write. I wrote CONTACT AND CONFLICT in about thirty days . . . it took over six months to rewrite it. Don't be afraid to give your rough story to people for feedback.
Don Foxe Oh, boy -- I'm 20% through the FOURTH book in the sagas; in re-write on the second book; just posted the second backstory (short story) on my website (; have a group of high school teens working with me on a YA mystery-adventure featuring characters from the first book AND the 11th Anniversary party for my fitness center is Nov. 3rd . . . and we throw really fun parties!
Don Foxe I actually write almost every day. Before the Space Fleet Sagas took control, almost everything was marketing-related for my fitness center on Hilton Head Island, or health and fitness-related articles, tips, etc. I guess I never actually wait for inspiration.
Don Foxe Believe it or not -- dream! In January of this year I started dreaming EVERY NIGHT about this first contact event and alien refugees. I'm sure recent issues in the Middle East spurred it on, but this was a first for me. I don't normally retain dreams the next day.

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