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“Given the choice between love and vengeance, which would you choose? I'll be answering questions about my new release, "The Curse of the Dragon Stone: The Dragon's Heir Trilogy Book 1" all week long!” J.B. Richards

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J.B. Richards I'll do you one better... I'll give you a two-WORD horror story!
J.B. Richards Haven't you heard?! I'm running a brand new project on my Facebook Wall ( to help Indie Authors gain verified purchase reviews on Amazon! It's called the "Indies Helping Indies (IHI) Book Review Project" and I select about 10 new books to purchase and review from the submissions I receive at the end of each month! Since I started the project in April, I've completed more than 15 books reviews, with another 12 books slated for May! All reviews are first posted to The Writers Block on my website at, and are then posted to Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter, providing the author with not only a verified purchase review but a great promotional tool to share with readers! Here's my upcoming list of books for May 2017:
Jaci Wheeler's "Operation Child Soldier (The Academy Book 1)"
Joanne Van Leerdam's "Stained Glass"
Lyra Shanti's "Zin's Wild Ride: A Shiva XIV Story"
Sarah Northwood "The Unravelling"
Gabriela Voelske "Chrystalline Chaos (Skies of Fyir Book 1)"
Phyllis Entis "The White Russian Caper: A Damien Dickens Mysteries Book 2)"
Megan Cutler "Island of Lost Forevers (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 1)"
Kade Cook "Grey (The Covenant of Shadows Book 1)"
Gale Nicolai "Mercy ... It Was Never About Me"
Susan Wee "Color of Evil: Spectrum of Color Book 2)"
Michael Russell "First Floor on Fire"
Mildred B. Lewis "Adam's Bride: Brothers of Clear Water"

Of course, I'll be chalking up many, many more books over the course of the summer, but you have to admit, this opening dozen will certainly provide the perfect accompaniment to days spent lounging by the ocean with a tall glass of raspberry lemonade!
J.B. Richards My favorite fictional couple has to be Yeshua and Miri from "Miriamne the Magdala"! They are a study in contrasts; with Miriamne coming from a powerful aristocratic and noble family while Yeshua has grown up poor and nearly destitute. From the very beginning, when the two cousins meet in Sepphoris, we can see that their relationship is already blossoming, and even though Miriamne is, at the time, unable to recall ever having met her young cousin Yeshua, her heart of hearts tells her that there is more to this young Galilean peasant than what first meets the eye. It does not take long before their newfound friendship grows into a deep abiding love - one that will carry them forward through all the trials and tribulations they will have to face as Yeshua sets about on His Mission and prepares to fulfill His Destiny.
J.B. Richards The answer's simple! There is no reason! Starting today - and for the next 5 days - you'll have the opportunity to register your name to win an AUTOGRAPHED, first-edition, perfect-bound paperback or one of 5 KINDLE EBook editions of my award-nominated novel, "Miriamne the Magdala - The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series", when you sign-up for our brand new Monthly Newsletter! There's no obligation to purchase a thing, so click on my website and register today at:
J.B. Richards Having this novel published was the most rewarding experience in my life! It took a very long time to conceptualize this book. Over 15 years of research and development went into "Miriamne the Magdala", and I had to convince myself that I could even write and publish a novel out of my notes. But since the book has come out, I have heard nothing but good things from my readers who tell me they can't wait to read the rest of the series! It's very rewarding and encouraging to know that your book, your vision, is being enjoyed by others - complete strangers - especially when they let you know the positive impact your book has had on their lives! Now that's what I call a great reason to write!
J.B. Richards Ask a lot of questions . . . about writing, about developing characters, about publishing, about marketing, about everything that applies to the story you’re developing! I've always been a pretty good writer, earning my fair share of awards in high school and college, but I was particularly grateful that I had gained a lot of life experience during my professional career as a Corporate Trainer and Customer Relations & Research Manager. Between both college and work, I took a lot of courses in psychology, history, sociology, philosophy, research, business and technical writing, marketing development, and editing that helped me tremendously when it came time to write, publish, and market my novel. It all comes down to this: Learn all you can about your subject, and be sure to use ALL your life experiences in developing your novel. You never know what personal experience of yours will play the most important part in developing your characters and setting them off on their next great adventure!
J.B. Richards Every writer's dreaded enemy is Writer's Block, and the best way to deal with "The Beast" is to take a break and do something totally non-related to writing. I usually put my writing aside and change venue - perhaps go to the park, or do a little joy shopping, or play with my two dogs – Monty and Ayden. Of course, reading always helps! I'm an avid reader - and I mean avid! I can pour through 2-4 good sized books in a week sometimes, and I usually find a whole lot of inspiration within those pages. Reading acts like Draino, and "The Clog" - as I like to call it, always breaks up in time. When worse comes to worse, I just sit still, watch other people, and see what they're doing. It might be someone arguing, or talking to a friend, or just sitting there looking at the clouds, and sooner or later, I’m sure to spot even a little “something” that I can translate into a good paragraph or two - or if I'm lucky, a whole chapter - for my novel! The point is to never, ever give up! You've got to take that book that's in your heart and get it out into the world or it will be your biggest regret - ever!
J.B. Richards I've always been interested in the unique relationship and close personal connection shared between Mary Magdalene and Jesus (Miriamne and Yeshua), and I felt compelled to tell their story as a couple going through the same trials and tribulations most couples face in life. I've always wondered what it would have been like for them to have forged such a bond that it was obvious to everyone around them they were not only deeply in love with each other, but in love with life. It was this great love that Jesus transformed and put into the heart of his Mission here on earth. In short, I wanted to write the greatest love story never told.
J.B. Richards Currently, I am researching and drafting "Yeshua the Christ – The Silk Road, The Second Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series" which will take our young couple on a decade-long journey to the Indus following the ancient Silk Route. You can anticipate an exciting adventure full of colorful characters, exotic locations, and some plot twists that will take you completely by surprise!

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