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Nisfan Nawaz Regardless of the genre, I truly believe that writing is an art form. So treat it as such. It can't and shouldn't be rushed. It takes time. It's a process and with any form of art it's never actually complete. Embrace the process and be patient with yourself. Most of all, embrace the journey and remember to have fun!
Nisfan Nawaz Eat a fair amount of foods high in protein. Sleep on it. And then sleep on it some more. Don't force it, let it come naturally. Understand what time of the day you are at your best and capitalize on that. This is the process of writing. Sometimes the words flow as a river flows after a heavy deluge. Other times you sit blinking at the screen wondering if you would ever write again or if a gremlin wrote those nonsensical words on the page.
Nisfan Nawaz One word really: therapeutic. Actually there are a few more words. For me it's almost like being a kid again where I get to pretend play as I immerse myself in the characters and the mischief they get into...
Nisfan Nawaz An idea that my daughter shared with me. It's still in the early stages of development. I believe it's a subject that is close to all of our hearts and something that could potentially challenge the very fabric of humanity and our existence.
Nisfan Nawaz I simply love stories. Especially the ones where next to impossible challenges are overcome. Even better if these are based on true events. So, I enjoy my share of books and movies that challenge the status quo.

I also get inspired while observing people and cultures during my travels abroad.
Nisfan Nawaz My desire to address the systematic and pervasive trend of multinational corporations gaming the system in their favor and influencing government policies at the expense of the general population.

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