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Mylo Carbia Hello there! I recently enjoyed A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, AMERICAN PSYCHO and THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW myself. I am on a kick of reading horror-thrillers from the 1980's and love it! My next novel VIOLETS ARE RED is a horror-thriller about an aging Manhattan housewife who captures her husband's young mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement (think "Real Housewives" meets "Misery" with a major twist ending). I absolutely love this story! It was originally scheduled for release in Fall 2016, but due to heavy interest from big publishers, it's now targeted for release in early 2018. After that, my novels will come out on a regular basis. So if you have not done so already, please visit my website and sign up for my VIP list to receive updates. Thanks again for the question. My readers are everything to me! XxXoOo
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Mylo Carbia Thank you for reaching out! My next horror-thriller novel VIOLETS ARE RED is about an aging Manhattan housewife who captures her husband's young mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement. Think "Real Housewives" meets "Misery" with a major twist ending! I absolutely LOVE this story. It was originally scheduled for release in Fall 2016, but due to heavy interest from big commercial publishers, it is now targeted for release in early 2018. After that, my novels will come out on a more frequent basis. If you have not done so already, please visit my website and sign up for my VIP list to receive updates about upcoming releases, book signings, and more. Thanks again for your support. I couldn't do it without you! XxXoOo
Mylo Carbia Hi Erica! Thanks for your question. Like most of my screenplays, the main plot of this novel was inspired by a dream. In fact, most of my stories come to me all at once, in "one download" so to speak, at that unique time in the morning between being dead asleep and fully awake. The details of the novel — including the setting and personalities of the main characters — are inspired by my time attending college at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Although I received a wonderful education there, I was definitely a fish out of water and used that experience to set the emotional tone of the novel. Hope you enjoy it!
Mylo Carbia Absolutely. Please shoot an email to my publisher at Let them know what happened, and I will make sure they send out another copy right away.

Thanks for reaching out!

Mylo Carbia My best advice to horror writers just starting out would be to build your brand months before releasing your first novel. Network with other key individuals in the horror community (writers, agents, publishers, bloggers) and let them know what you're working on. I think Twitter and Goodreads are the two best places for new writers to connect. Also, joining the Horror Writers Association (HWA) at the supporting level for less than $50 a year is a fantastic way to connect with people in the horror community, so check it out at Then once your book is released, your network will help promote your book and you will see the sales. Best of luck and welcome!
Mylo Carbia Most of my book ideas come to me in dreams.
Mylo Carbia Inspiration comes easily for me because I treat writing like any other profession. I have an office, set writing hours, strict delivery deadlines and daily word counts.

If you take writing seriously, creativity will flow freely.
Mylo Carbia I am currently writing my next horror novel "Violets Are Red" which is due for release in Summer 2016. It's the story of a middle-aged housewife who captures her husband's college-aged mistress and quietly keeps her prisoner in the basement.

I'm having so much fun writing it. I can't wait for the rest of the world to read it soon.
Mylo Carbia The average person spends 46 minutes a day on Facebook. Just imagine how many novels you can write over a lifetime if you gave up one hour of social media and two hours of television every day! Set a writing goal and stick to it. Remove all distractions. Tell the world to go away when you're writing. And just remember that anyone can start a novel, but it's only those who finish that get the glory.
Mylo Carbia Being slightly crazy and not having too many people notice.
Mylo Carbia Nothing beats writer's block better than a day at the beach (or park), followed by a day of research. Resting the mind, then filling it again with new material always spurs creativity for me.
Mylo Carbia Most of my book and movie ideas come to me in dreams. Although this book was somewhat influenced by my own experience of being a "fish out of water" at a small Southern University in Macon, Georgia, the entire plot came to me in one quick download of a dream several years ago.
Mylo Carbia Yes, I spent the first thirteen years of my life living in a severely haunted house in Jackson, New Jersey. As a child, I developed the ability to communicate with both human and non-human spirits and have had terrible interactions with demonic forces in my adult years as well. All of this has definitely influenced my writing. Not many people have experienced the level of paranormal fear that has coursed through my own veins, so I think it gives me a unique advantage when writing horror movies (and now horror novels).

I love the horror genre. The fans are simple THE BEST. I wouldn't have it any other way. :-)
Mylo Carbia THIS IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION! Thank you for asking! :-)

As a woman, I did not detail the rape scene in this novel on purpose. In fact, I describe the details leading up to the event and immediately cut to what happens the morning after. The rape is simply the catalyst of the REAL story that takes place afterwards: the chaos of the perpetrators arguing about what to do with her body; the financial payoff from one of the families and the revenge the victim seeks decades later.

The title was meant to be provocative and get people's attention (which it certainly has!). And yes, it is a violent novel in the same vein as "The Silence of the Lambs" or "American Psycho," but there is NO detailed, horrific, male on female rape scene.

Oddly enough, a good friend of mine who survived a sexual assault years ago read an early draft of the book and said that it actually made her feel better to see a victim take revenge on an epic level. I found that feedback quite surprising and most heart-warming, although I do not recommend it as therapeutic in any way.

This book is simply a great, fictional story that had to be told, so with this in mind, I hope that both female and male readers will come into it with a flexible mindset.

My goal as a writer is to create pure, "blow you away" entertainment, and I think I've achieved it with this novel.
Mylo Carbia "The Raping of Ava DeSantis" will be available in 30,000 bookstores worldwide on October 13, 2015. However, given the tremendous early buzz surrounding the novel, my publisher is working on a deal to release it on Amazon exclusively several weeks early. I will keep everyone posted if a "special early release" happens or not.
Mylo Carbia I think the two most surprising responses from early reviewers was that the ending made them cry "happy tears" and that they saw the struggle between the two main characters (Ava and Wesley) as a star-crossed love story. I have to agree. In a sick, twisted way, this book really is about soulmates gone awry.

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