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“What do you want to know? Ask me questions about writing in general or about my characters and stories.” Jami Gold

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Jami Gold Check my website for advisory information with content guidance:

I understand that we all have different preferences, triggers, and peeves, so I collected content information for my stories on a central page. That way, those who *don't* want spoilers can avoid the information, and those who *do* want content guidance can find the details.
Jami Gold Of course I'm continuing to work on my Mythos Legacy series, as I have ideas for several other mythological beings to explore in future books. But I'm also excited to be working on a spin-off of that series!

The Brothers of Stone series is based on the Mythos Legacy book Stone-Cold Heart. This is my first spin-off, so I'm having a lot of fun diving deeper into this "family" of gargoyles. :)
Jami Gold My answer partly depends on if I can figure out what's causing the writer's block. :)

Sometimes, I'm just burnt out and need to rest or refill my creative well with lots of reading or movies. Other times, my block is because I don't know what should happen next in my story.

In that case, I've had success with a couple of different techniques:
* I've thought about the question while going to sleep and let my subconscious work on the issue overnight (thinking about the question during mindless tasks can help too).
* I've revisited the original story idea and thought how the story should capture that idea.
* I've also questioned whether my head wants the story to go one way and my heart/muse/subconscious wants to go in a different direction, messing with my brainstorming.
* Or I've reached out to friends for brainstorming help.

Luckily, the fact that I've finished so many stories gives me hope that I'll always overcome the block, so I just need to figure out the right approach. :)
Jami Gold I'm a teacher at heart, so I love sharing what I've learned. I could talk for *months* about writing. LOL! That's why I have a whole blog geared toward writers, with hundreds of articles about plot, characters, scenes, character growth, etc. (at and check the sidebar for a search box and menu of post topics).

My first piece of advice would be to embrace the learning curve. Don't expect to go into writing and be able to learn everything--and then be done learning. Nope...the learning goes on forever--think *journey* not *destination*. ;)
Jami Gold I love being a writer for *many* reasons! :) But my favorite part is getting to know my characters.

I write "organically," meaning that I don't know very much about my story before I start, and I end up writing by the seat of my pants. So for me, writing a story is like making a new best friend, as I learn about my characters: their likes and dislikes, their personality, etc. And then I get to see them grow into their potential over the course of the story--fun!

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