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Fred Wiehe I woke with a scream on my lips. That’s when the real nightmare began.
Fred Wiehe Middle Earth in The Hobbit. I’d live out my days eating 8 times a day, getting fat and lazy and letting my feet grow hairy.
Fred Wiehe Books of Blood by Clive Barker
You Don’t Scare Me by John Farris
Fred Wiehe A UFO streaks across the morning sky in a small mid western town in 1966. Is it alien spacecraft, a military spy plane, or something else. The 11 year old who sees it has to find out. That 11 year old was me.
Fred Wiehe Fright House started as a movie script. Independent producer/director Dave Reda and I were kicking around some ideas and came up with an insane asylum turned Halloween attraction. We both loved Halloween haunted houses, mazes, fear factories, and we thought: What if a Halloween attraction became real? What if the scares became real? We both loved ghost hunting shows too, but we both had the same complaint: Nothing ever really happens. So we thought, What if we gave audiences the ghost hunting episode they all wanted to see, wished they would see? We added in a young girl with psychic abilities who is the key to the haunting, and Fright House was born.
Fred Wiehe Don't wait for inspiration. Being inspired is great and all, but if you wait for it then you'll never write. Just write and let inspiration hit you while you do so. Nobody said writing was easy. It's hard work. But it can be fun too.
Fred Wiehe The Collected Nightmares ... a collection of poems and short stories inspired by my own life's events and my nightmares.
Fred Wiehe Write every day. 10 minutes ... 15 minutes ... half an hour ... hour ... it doesn't matter. Don't worry about word count. Just write every day. Practice your craft. And be proud of what you accomplished that day rather than beat yourself up for what you hadn't.
Fred Wiehe Doing what I love. Even if I never published again, I'd still write. Writers have to write, have to express. And I'm a writer.
Fred Wiehe The best advice I can give for writer's block is to write everyday. The more you write ... the easier writing becomes. Even if you can only spare 10-15 minutes, write everyday. Also, never finish a day's writing at the end of anything. In other words, don't finish a chapter or a scene. It's harder to come back the next day and start a new chapter or scene than it is to sit down the next day and finish a chapter or scene. Then, you're off and running; starting that next chapter or scene doesn't seem as daunting because your writing engine is warmed up. Sometimes, I even stop the day's writing in mid-sentence, so when I come back the next day I just take off from where I left off. It's like having you engine idling until you get back to it. Give it a try.

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