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Noise Noise by Darin Bradley
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“I tried to convince myself once, when I was a teenager, that I felt God. Alone in the sanctuary, accompanying my mom on an evening errand to the church. I stared at the ceiling and drew deep breath as quickly as I could. I told our youth minister in his ball cap that I had felt Him. That I was blessed.

But in the end, it was only the wind and the rain, making noise in the darkness.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“The problem with romance is the occlusion. The tunnel vision, drawing your every gaze downstream, into those other eyes, the flotsam of your better self, your clearer self, along for the ride. It doesn't matter what secrets swirl and bob in the waters beneath you, as you float toward that lady at Delphi, who, you imagined, reading Mythology, must have been beautiful. It doesn't matter that Charybdis, with no body, with no form, with only a mouth-as-being, couldn't have been evil, because she lacked the brain for it. It doesn't matter that following the logical course of events, the natural course, always disadvantages someone else, because love, after all, is simply a competition for resources, made infinitely complex and unknowable when squared and cubed and raised to every other emotional exponent - and then layered with sex and society and a bad memory for what those resources were in the first place.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“We were most amused by destroying what we'd taken.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“We wouldn't steal, which was paranoia- we would take, which was force.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“We weren't violent then. There is a difference between paint and not.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“What you did is right.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“I didn't understand the living fascination with a world of perfected dead.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
“The thing about oracles is that they talk back.”
Darin Bradley, Noise
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