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Jacob's Faith (Breeds, #11) Jacob's Faith by Lora Leigh
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“Red Riding Hood ran from her wolf," he told her with an edge of amusement.
"Red Riding Hood didn´t know what the hell she was missing”
Lora Leigh, Jacob's Faith
“You have five minutes to call someone, anyone, I don't care who, and order me the finest blend of coffee that rat hole town has, and a dozen beers. If it's not sitting on this table..." a slender finger pointed furiously at the table in question,"... in one hour, you die" - Faith telling Jacob”
Lora Leigh, Jacob's Faith
“She snorted. I haven´t negotiated near enough where you are concerned, Jacob. If I had, I wouldn´t have suffered with terminal horniness for the past six years. I get my coffee, you get the sex. No limits allowed. No crying foul if you can´t keep up.
How much coffee can you drink? he asked her suspiciously.
Faith made certain her smile was innocent and non-threatening. The question is, Jacob, how often can you fuck?”
Lora Leigh, Jacob's Faith

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