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Everything Forbidden (Albright Sisters, #1) Everything Forbidden by Jess Michaels
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“Good morning,” he drawled. She straightened her shoulders with the silent reminder that she had to be as distant as he was. “My lord.” He gave her an indulgent smirk. “As much as I like to be referred to as your lord, I think we’ve gone far beyond those empty platitudes. You have called me Ethan several times.” He hesitated and tapped his chin. “Actually you moaned it once. I prefer you call me that while we are alone together.”
Jess Michaels, Everything Forbidden
“She’s having a party, you
know. This coming week.”
He took a sip of wine. “I know. I received an invitation this morning before you arrived.
According to her flowing prose, I am to be the guest of honor.” He shuddered.
Miranda couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, my mother is quite taken with you now that you’re assisting us financially. I’m sure she’ll fawn over you all evening.”
He downed the remainder of his wine in one swig. “Dear God, now I wish I hadn’t accepted the invitation.”
She giggled at his twisted, pained expression. “Oh, of course you must come. Drink the wine, appreciate the orchestra. After all, you’re paying for it.”
Ethan’s expression went from a playfully pained one to a truly pained one for a brief instant. His frown drew down and he looked at her evenly.
“No, Miranda. I believe it is you who are paying,” he said softly.”
Jess Michaels, Everything Forbidden

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