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Palestine Palestine by Joe Sacco
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“I don't remember when exactly I read my first comic book, but I do remember exactly how liberated and subversive I felt as a result.”
Edward Said, Palestine
“Some of the world's blackest holes are out
in the open for anyone to see....”
Joe Sacco, Palestine
“What becomes of someone who thinks he has all the power... and what becomes of someone who believes he has none?”
Joe Sacco, Palestine
“A boy standing in the rain, and what is he thinking?”
Joe Sacco, Palestine
“Make no mistake, everywhere you go, not just in Marvel Comics,
there's parallel universes...Here? On the surface streets: traffic, couples in love,
falafel-to-go, tourists in jogging suits licking stamps for postcards... And over the
wall behind closed doors: other things-people strapped to chairs, sleep deprivation,
the smell of piss...other things happening for "reasons of national
Joe Sacco, Palestine
“Americans care more about the rights of animals than about what happens to us!”
Joe Sacco, Palestine

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