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Mind Games (The Disillusionists, #1) Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
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“You're right. I'm not the kind of woman to do something foolish out of defiance. I am, however, the kind of woman who would do something just to prove that you can't tell me what kind of woman I am.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“I don't see how I could possibly move a napkin with the power of my mind," I say.
"All will be revealed."
"Did you just say, 'All will be revealed'?"
He looks up. "Yes."
"Who says, 'All will be revealed'?"
"I do," Packard says. "Just perform the task.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“People want view of beauty. Pfft. I say, do not give me lies.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“I'm used to desperate, buddy. Desperate's my factory default. But thanks anyway.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“God, Packard! Do you know how hard I worked at
it?” I twist up the napkin and whip it at him.
He deflects it. “There we go; I knew you could do it.”
My mouth falls open. “Very funny.”
He just laughs.
“I can’t believe you!”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“It’s all very deliciously diabolical my friend.”
He smiles and I smile. We’re both pretty pleased with the plan. And increasingly pleased with each other.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“I got it right Justine. Feel into it. Your sense of being a misfit blinds you to what your heart really wants. When you get around solid upstanding men you’re like a bird with tinfoil. It makes you incoherent on a romantic level.”
“My affection is incoherent unless it’s for you That’s the line you’re giving me here ”
“This is real.” He points out the door. “That isn’t.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“Fashion magazine disease articles. My personal Kryptonite.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“Oh.” Packard steps back. “I didn’t come in here for
“I didn’t either.”
There’s this silence where it seems like one of us
ought to utter a sentence that begins with the word yet.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“He pushes my lips open with his and we sink into each other. It’s crazy and wonderful every part of me is melty with desire. It’s all just breath and body between us.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“Mongolian Fondue," I say. "Very authentic.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“A voice: “My goodness, Nurse Jones.” I look up, startled. Simon’s in the doorway, leaning against the frame, smiling.
No doubt I’m quite the sight in my bloody, sexy nurse’s outfit, sitting on a bed next to a tied-up, taped-up target. “Oh, please.” I collect my purse, my phone and my stun gun and walk around the bed.
Simon’s smile reaches deep into his dark blue eyes. He has a long face and delicate features for a man.
I grab the sleeve of his black jacket and pull him into the outer room.
“What the fuck are you wearing? You look insane,” he says.
“This? This is the creepy outfit the Alchemist put me in after he kidnapped me.”
Simon stops smiling. “Are you okay?”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“I chose to promote freedom and transformation.” He tilts his head. “Is that a motto?” “You should get a motto, too, Packard.” “A motto is a pathetic substitute for an opinion.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games
“Peace and serenity isn’t about adding something,” he says. “It’s about getting rid of something.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games

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