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Lone Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond, #1) Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky
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“Cycling, cycling forever
bear, wolf, caribou.
When had it all started, where will it end?
We are all part of one, from such simple beginnings and yet all so different.
Yet one.
One and again.”
Kathryn Lasky, Lone Wolf
“You must not think of time as a quantity, a period, a measure. Look at the sky," Gwynneth said. "The moon has now slipped away to another night, into another world. It was not the time it was here that you remember, Faolan, but rather the luminescence of the air, the blue shadows cast by the trees in its light. It was not the length of the time but the quality of the moon's light that you felt and remember." Gwynneth paused. "It is the value, the quality that lives on.”
Kathryn Lasky, Lone Wolf
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