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Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt by Peg Streep
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“As Louis Cozolino Ph. D., observes, a consistent theme of adult psychotherapy clients is that they had parents who were not curious about who they were but, instead, told them who they should be. What Cozolino explains, is that the child creates a "persona" for her parents but doesn't learn to know herself. What happens is that "the authentic self"--the part of us open to feelings, experinces, and intimicy--remains underdeveloped.”
Peg Streep, Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt
“I was younger, smarter, better educated than she, and I began to realize that she was afraid of me and the truths I told. By the”
Peg Streep, Mean Mothers
“But sibling relationships can also be shaped by the dynamic between the unloving mother and her daughter, most particularly when a mother differentiates between her children, being loving and attentive to one but not to another. In many families, the dynamic will weaken sibling bonds.”
Peg Streep, Mean Mothers
“I am not turning into my mother’s apologist by writing those words; I would certainly trade in my childhood experiences with her in a heartbeat. But I—and you, for that matter—are more than the sum of the parts our mothers, loving or not, bequeathed us. The process of confrontation—of feeling the pain of not being loved or known—and of becoming conscious of how we were mothered offers an unloved daughter possibilities of growth another experience might not have yielded.”
Peg Streep, Mean Mothers

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