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Random Harvest Random Harvest by James Hilton
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“Have you ever been going somewhere with a crowd and you're certain it's the wrong road and you tell them, but they won't listen, so you just have to plod along in what you know is the wrong direction till somebody more important gets the same idea?”
James Hilton, Random Harvest
“There's only one thing more important... and that is, after you've done what you set out to do, to feel that it's been worth doing.”
James Hilton, Random Harvest
tags: life
“...they didn’t think there was anything very odd in anyone being a little odd.”
James Hilton, Random Harvest
tags: humor, odd
“It's a very remarkable story."
"Remarkable's a well-chosen word. It doesn't give you away.”
James Hilton, Random Harvest
“As most real writers do, he wrote because he had something to say, not because of any specific ambition to be a writer.”
James Hilton, Random Harvest

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