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One of Those Days One of Those Days by Zathyn Priest
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“Had your eyes tested?”
“Yeah. My vision’s fine. They’ve done brain scans, too.”
“Did they find anything?”
“Why doesn’t that surprise me?”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
“Do you prefer to be called Richard or Dick?”
“Dick? I'll make a note of that on your file.” I spoke aloud as I wrote. “Patient prefers to be called Dick.”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
“What you’re saying is this spider, with a brain the size of strawberry seed, hid in your car with its face covered to avoid being gassed by insect spray.” He stood in front of me, laughing, peering down into my eyes. “And then, when the fumes dispersed, he set about plotting revenge. Once he’d come up with his plan, he exited your car and, even though he didn’t see which direction you went in, he found the front door because he knew you were inside this house.” Biting down on his bottom lip, Ric smirked. “Don’t you think, if he was as smart as all that, he’d have worn a mask before he ran out from under visor so you couldn’t recognise him on your doormat?”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
“Cylindrical peg into the round hole. It's not that hard. Actually, yes it was that hard, which is why I didn't want it deflating before he figured out what to do with it.”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
“Is he about to kiss me? Did he eat garlic too or was I the only one? 'Cause if Ric didn't eat garlic then my breath's gonna stink and he'll think... Oh for fuck sake, shut up internal dialogue!”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
“Why are all gay men understanding and compassionate?”
“Pfft.” I arced an eyebrow at her. “They're not, trust me. Its a myth.”
“A straight man wouldn't understand cramps, mood swings, backaches, not to mention the price of tampons...”
Zathyn Priest, One of Those Days
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