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Zeitoun Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
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“Be strong, be brave, be true. Endure.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“Every time a crime was committed by a Muslim, that person's faith was mentioned, regardless of its relevance. When a crime is committed by a Christian, do they mention his religion? ... When a crime is committed by a black man, it's mentioned in the first breath: 'An African American man was arrested today...' But what about German Americans? Anglo Americans? A white man robs a convenience store and do we hear he's of Scottish descent? In no other instance is the ancestry mentioned.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“Yes, a dark time passed over this land, but now there is something like light.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“What is building, and rebuilding and rebuilding again, but an act of faith?”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“If your hand doesn't work for it, your heart doesn't feel sorry for it.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“Then he got more books. He saved all the books.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
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“What would happen," Zeitoun asked the captain, "if you and I went below the deck, and just went to our bedrooms and went to sleep?"

The captain gave him a quizzical look and answered that the ship would most certainly hit something -- would run aground or into a reef. In any event, disaster.

"So without a captain, the ship cannot navigate."

"Yes," the captain said, "What's your point?"

Zeitoun smiled. "Look above you, at the stars and moon. How do the stars keep their place in the sky, how does the moon rotate around the earth, the earth around the sun? Who's navigating?"

The captain smiled at Zeitoun. He'd been led into a trap.

"Without someone guiding us," Zeitoun finished, "wouldn't the stars and moon fall to earth, wouldn't the oceans overrun the land? Any vessel, any carrier of humans, needs a captain, yes?"

The captain was taken with the beauty of the metaphor, and let his silence imply surrender.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“She felt some measure of relief knowing that in the very least, on the open road she would have some time to think.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“It only takes one person, one small act of stepping from the dark to the light.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“There is no faith like the faith of a builder of homes in coastal Louisiana”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“But when friends would ask Kathy whether they, too, should start their own business, she talked them out of it. You don’t run the business, she would say. The business runs you.”
Dave Eggers, Zeitoun
“Are the kids at school?"
"No, they're in the lake. My God.”
Dave Egger, Zeitoun

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