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The Convalescent The Convalescent by Jessica Anthony
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“My grandfather said white people can't exist without speaking. He said they're all just imitations of each other, so it's like they have to speak to distinguish themselves.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“Which is fine.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“The world has been easy on this man. He overflows with inner resources.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“[He] mumbled something about how being a Hungarian meant wanting nothing and being prepared for anything. Or was it the other way around.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“I once read that most people are afraid to live alone because to live alone means to die alone. They have visions of themselves eating their breakfast, enjoying the dripping sluice of a ripe plum, and then suddenly the lights go out and they fall face-first into their pancakes. People, it seems, are less afraid of loneliness than worrying about what other people will think when they’re found in some unappealing, disintegrating state, tongue out, one leg curled underneath the other, internal fluids in a puddle on the floor, etcetera. Most people are afraid that if left alone, they will not be found. Being found is apparently of the utmost importance to people.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“I may be sick. I may come from a hole in the ground. My best friend may be an insect. But at least I don’t live in decent society.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent
“I have an awning.”
Jessica Anthony, The Convalescent

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