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BoneMan's Daughters BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker
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“Evil was predictable, always painfully expected.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
tags: evil
“no one wanted to look at the common evils of society. Very few were willing to put aside their own pursuit of happiness long enough to consider the effects of greed and jealousy around them. From what she'd seen, humans were essentially troubled. For every one behind bars, another ten deserved to be behind bars, but that would put one in ten Americans behind bars.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
tags: evil, jail
“She was having some difficulty piecing together exactly why she deserved to be in this place, but she wasn't stupid enough to deny that in the end life was cruel and didn't pay attention to what was fair.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
“Knowing you’re worthless doesn’t give you value any more than knowing you are a captive sets you free.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
“He read reports, examined evidence, and poured more reports up the chain than the Pentagon could read. Nothing short of a human sieve. But in the end he was just one small piece on this game board called war. End of story”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
tags: war
“When you step away from it all, you lose perspective.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
“The world didn’t like to look at the dark underside very often. But that didn’t change the ugliness; it only ensured that those who perpetuated the ugliness were left alone to kill and maim and rape.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
“He was as needy as she was. Alvin Finch only wanted to be needed. Loved. And absent of either, he resorted to deflecting his pain by killing. Just like a teenager might resort to deflecting the pain of rejection by cutting. People did a lot of crazy things to be wanted.”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters
“Yes, well… that’s not good. I—” “A lot’s happened in this last month,”
Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters

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