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Camp Hell (PsyCop, #5) Camp Hell by Jordan Castillo Price
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“What the fuck happened to you? [...] You look like you lost a fight with a lamprey. Hickey, hickey...bruise, bruise, bruise...bite. I thought that thing on your neck the other day was just a fluke. I guess not--looks like you get off on picking up a few souvenirs when you...get off. ~Crash”
Jordan Castillo Price, Camp Hell
“Victor, back there in that basement, when the zombies were… were… moving around on those tables…. Twitching? And dead? You didn’t even blink.

This is nothing like those zombies.

No shit. Because this time, you’re scared—beyond scared. You’re terrified. And whatever’s got you scared? I don’t want any part of it.”
Jordan Castillo Price, Camp Hell
“I've never liked the word team. I've always equated it with being picked last and getting nailed in the groin with a dodgeball.”
Jordan Castillo Price, Camp Hell
“I’ve got more talent than everyone on their payroll put together,” I said. Jacob squeezed me tighter. His eyes never moved from mine. “I’m so far beyond level five it’s not even funny.”
Jordan Castillo Price, Camp Hell

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