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Prada & Prejudice Prada & Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard
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“Shouldn't you have today off? Isn't it Sunday?"
"I've a half day off ever' three days. I'll be out temorra afte'noon."
I snort. "A half day?"
God, that's ridiculous. She doesn't even get a single full day off? What is Alex, some kind of slave driver? Jeez.”
Mandy Hubbard, Prada & Prejudice
“What do you mean, ruined?"
From the way Emily swallows slowly, you'd think we were talking about smoking crack. "Compromised. another man."
"Oh!" I say, too loudly. "You mean, if the girl's not a virgin, the guy won't marry her?"
She nods, her eyes wide, as if being a non-virgin is akin to being an ax-murder.”
Mandy Hubbard, Prada & Prejudice

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