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Smoke Mountain (Seekers, #3) Smoke Mountain by Erin Hunter
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“are my light and you gide my way”
Erin Hunter, Smoke Mountain
“We've made it! This is it! Look Lusa, that's the ice — it's what I've been telling you about for so long!”
Erin Hunter, Smoke Mountain
tags: kallik
“As the noise of the firebeast faded, there was a thundering of paws, and Toklo realized that both white bears had followed him after all. Kallik and Taqqiq ran into the trees and collapsed beside a clump of leafy bushes. Toklo spun around, looking anxiously for Ujurak. There was no sign of the other brown bear. He peered out between the bushes and saw flat-faces running around the den with the dogs, pointing at the big firebeast and shouting. But they weren’t looking toward the trees. Perhaps they hadn’t”
Erin Hunter, Smoke Mountain

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