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11 Birthdays (Willow Falls, #1) 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass
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“Nothing nice you ever do for anyone is for no reason.”
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays
“Whoa!" she says as I plow into her. " What are you DOING? Get off me!" I hang on tight. "Can't a girl just hug her big sister?" She stops fighting me. "Are you dying? Am I dying? Did Grandma die? I laugh. "No one died." "Then get off!”
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays
“It's a date," Leo repeats, and we shake on it.Leo's mother sticks her head in the door. "You guys are too young to be dating!"
"Mom!"Leo cries,turning bright red.”
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays
“My arms flew up of thier own accord knoking my bag down. I grabbed hold of the desk to keep myself from falling down.”
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays
“Pizza and a movie (Escape to Witch Mountain, my all-time Disney favorite)”
Wendy Mass, 11 Birthdays

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