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Talk Me Down (Tumble Creek, #1) Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
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“Lori sat way back in her chair and gave him the once-over. "What in the world's gotten into Ben Lawson? jokes? Flirting? Maybe I should sleep with Molly. I think she's got a magic hooha.”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
“Yes, she was imperfect. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t also spectacular.”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
“I wouldn't yell 'fire' at that slimeball if his ass was in flames.”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
“I’ve had a rough six months, okay?” she cried. “Little Blue was my last friend,
and frankly the last time his batteries ran out I had a fleeting moment of panic
that he’d been compromised!”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
“Thank God she wasn't wearing shorts. She hadn't shaved her legs in a week, theorizing that October in the mountains was pretty darn cold and she might need the extra layer of insulation.”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
“Ben hid a wince behind his hand, trying very hard not to think of seventy-year-old Ellie Verstgard rolling around with Mr. Wenner. Despite his best resistance, the image scrolled across his brain and took some of his love for the world with it.”
Victoria Dahl, Talk Me Down
tags: funny, sex

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