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Desire Unchained (Demonica #2) Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
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“You can't truly hate someone you've loved. You can only hurt.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“The problem with having evil minions is that minions are stupid.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“Okay, listen. From what Shade said, Roag got toasted like a burnt marshmallow. He would have been nearly destroyed, right down to his junk." Wraith grinned. “Which is really fucking funny.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“This is'nt like , vampire gay, is it?

Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“Forgive me-he mumbled against her lips. Please. Forgive me for what I'm going to do to you.

Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“You volunteering to play Big Gulp?

Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“I'm giving you a free shot at my blood and you're playing hard to get? What kind of vampire are you?" When Wraith just stood there, Kynan rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on. My blood's eighty proof. You want it. You know you do.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“Wraith snorted. "Cowards. Seriously. Who brings a gun to a knife fight? That's cheating."

"You don't have a gun?" Kynan asked.

Wraith made a face of digust. "It's not very sporting to shoot people."

"So you're saying that you didn't shoot the people who shot you?"

"Hell, yeah, I shot them.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“He'd always thought Roag was one rat short of a plague.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“They wanted it because they've got some sort of darkness in them. And maybe because they like pain. Because pain turns them on. Well, maybe it turns me on, too," she said quietly. "In fact, I know it does, because loving you hurts. And yet, I still come back for more.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“And your skin, it tastes like me. I want to taste you everywhere.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“I could say I think coulds are pretty, and you'd say they're only pretty to demons.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“I will bear this pain for you,” he swore. “If one of us has to bleed, it will be me. It’ll always be me.”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained
“I’m over a thousand years old. I’ve seen it all. You, sweetcheeks, are nothing new.” At what must have been an outraged expression on her face, he laughed again. “Come on. Surely you can’t think you are the only female out there who’s had a rough life, had her heart walked on, been kept in a dungeon for three centuries, blah, blah, pick your trauma, and are now stomping around with all this pent-up anger you spill like acid on everyone who gets to know you.” He narrowed his gaze at her. “How close am I?”
Sin’s mouth worked, but nothing came out. She finally snapped it shut to avoid looking like a fish gasping on the bank of a river.
“That’s what I thought.” He made a shooing gesture with his hand. “No, run along and go be caustic with someone who cares. Oh, wait, no one cares, do they? Because you won’t let them--”
Larissa Ione, Desire Unchained

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