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The Fourth Dimension The Fourth Dimension by Yiannis Ritsos
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“When there's a moon the shadows in the house grow larger;
invisible hands draw back the curtains,
a pallid finger writes forgotten words on dust
of the piano...”
Yiannis Ritsos, The Fourth Dimension
“And look, my brother, we learned to talk
very quietly and simply.
We understand each other now - there is no need for anything more.
And I say tomorrow we will become still simpler;
we’ll find those words that take on the same weight in all hearts, on all lips so that we can call figs figs, and a trough a trough, so that others will smile and say: ‘We’re making you a hundred poems an hour’. This is what we want too.
Because we do not sing to separate ourselves from people, my brother,
we sing to bring people together.”
Yiannis Ritsos, The Fourth Dimension
“… the fisherman’s daughter grinding serenity in her coffee grinder.”
Yiannis Ritsos, The Fourth Dimension

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