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The Afterword: A Novel The Afterword: A Novel by Mike Bryan
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“... a writer concocts a different story for every reader.”
Mike Bryan, The Afterword: A Novel
“Beware the Sunday-morning faith that may get you through the week but not in heaven!”
Mike Bryan, The Afterword: A Novel
“(Protestants may boast that theirs is the unmediated encounter with the Almighty, but in fact their Bible serves as the rock on which their faith is founded. The truly unmediated encounter would be the one in which the supplicant burns his chosen Scripture to a crisp, incinerates his cash, his car, his clothes, spurns his family (as Jesus instructed his disciples to do), flees to the desert, and throws himself on the altar of utter ignorance and screams at the top of his lungs, I don't have or know a goddamn thing, God, including you! Now that is an unmediated encounter with the Almighty—until they start feeding you the meds in the psych ward.)”
Mike Bryan, The Afterword: A Novel

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