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Eve's Apple Eve's Apple by Jonathan Rosen
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“Starlets were always turning up dead in people's pools. They fished them out like goldfish. Nobody seemed to find it unusual that so many young, beautiful women wanted to die.”
Jonathan Rosen, Eve's Apple
“Most people don't want to die, but they don't want to live either. I am speaking about men now as much as women. They look for a third way, but there is no third way.”
Jonathan Rosen, Eve's Apple
“It means that the things that make us human often make us ill.”
Jonathan Rosen, Eve's Apple
“Hollywood culture is a universal culture now. Everyone wants to step out of life and into the flat perfections of a movie screen. My own wish to drown was not so different from the desire those girls had to leave their real lives behind, to recieve new names and wardrobes and perfectly scripted lines.”
Jonathan Rosen, Eve's Apple
“Call it the Darwinian contradiction. We come down from the trees and walk upright and what do we get for it? Foot pain! Bad backs! We cease living sexual lives regulated by mating seasons, by hormonal tides or the rotation of the earth and what happens? Marital misery. Divorce. Rape.”
Jonathan Rosen, Eve's Apple
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