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Vulnerable (Little Goddess, #1) Vulnerable by Amy Lane
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“How'd he taste?"

Like a five second rule Oreo..." he said thoughtfully

A five second rule Oreo?"

A little dirty, but still sweet...”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“I didn't have time to tell Bracken to care for her. I didn't have time to tell Arturo that I knew why he was hard on me, and it was okay. I didn't have time to tell Green that he was the sun and the moon and the stars. The Goddess gave me just enough time to feel her pain, to let her know I loved her. I had just long enough to say goodbye.”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“I looked at Adrian’s eyes, beautiful, mesmerizing. Not human. I didn’t feel
lonely at all. “You’ll take me places?” I asked. His answer was important, even
though my decision was already made.
“You can’t imagine where we’ll go.” He said, sincerely.”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable
“I blew through her like baby’s breath through a dandelion, and my soul
left its mark on hers. Forever. In one night, I’d bound her too me for as long
as she lived, and I had no words to tell her.

When I woke the next night, to see her there, above me, the relief radiating
from every line of her body, I thought it was more of a miracle than my
first rising.”
Amy Lane, Vulnerable

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