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The Kill (The Forbidden Game, #3) The Kill by L.J. Smith
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“I love you," she said. "You made me fall in love with you. I don't care how tall you are or what color your hair is-I care about you. You make me laugh. You're smart. You're gentle. And you're real, you're a real person, not some jock with a facade that's going to fall apart when I get to know him. I know you already, and I love you, you idiot. I don't care what you do with toilet paper.”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“You showed me what it was like to love. What the world could be like, if”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“Julian said the world was evil and horrible - remember? But then he proved himself that it wasn't”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“When I first saw you, you were like a flood of sunshine. All the others wanted to kill you. They thought I was crazy. They laughed...."
He means the other Shadow Men, Jenny thought.
"But I knew, and I watched you. You grew up and got more beautiful. You were so different from anything in my world. The others just watched, but I wanted you. Not to kill or to use up the way --the way they do with humans sometimes here. I needed you."
"I couldn't see anything else, couldn't hear anything else. All I could think about was you. I wouldn't let anyone else hurt you, ever. I knew I had to have you, no matter what happend. They said I was crazy with love.”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“You can't just go out-
No, I'll dream another dream.”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“There were two sides of Julian, she thought, and she remembered a line from something she'd read --Emily Brontë, maybe. Different as a moonbeam and lightning.
She wanted to reach the moonbeam part, but she didn't know how.
Very softly she said again, "I don't believe you. You're not like the other Shadow Men. You could change --if you wanted to."
"No," he said bleakly.
"Julian..." It was the bleakness that got her. She could see herself reflected in his eyes.
Without thinkng, she moved even closer. And closer. Her upper lip touched his lower lip.
"You can change," she whispered.”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“I am what I want to be," he said. "You forgot that— and that was your mistake.”
L.J. Smith, The Kill
“I am my only master”
L.J. Smith, The Kill

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