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Beyond the Pale Beyond the Pale by Elana Dykewomon
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“When you're eleven you think every idea is born with you, that no one ever tried it the right way before. Your example, your own honesty, will make you a hero to everyone who knows you - and better, it will make people come to their senses and stop telling vicious lies about each other.”
Elana Dykewomon, Beyond the Pale
“...repeating helps people get over sorrow. Otherwise the words build up in you, a lamentation, and you can't stop grieving.”
Elana Dykewomon, Beyond the Pale
“Like so many of the bits of conversation I recall, the meanings hidden in childhood only become clear now that I write them down. Most were just small lessons, people trying to prove their virtue to each other, but because I wasn't supposed to be listening, I made things out to be more important than they were. Maybe that's why our childhoods seem so big, so resonant, while our adult years slip by like fish in the river Byk.”
Elana Dykewomon, Beyond the Pale
“I remember that we are all young, and I feel youngness in me, that I can keep trying. You can try a hundred things in your life, and if nothing in those hundred makes you satisfied, you can still go on trying.”
Elana Dykewomon, Beyond the Pale

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