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Gamer Girl Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi
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“Whatcha doin', Freak Girl?"
"What does it look like, brainiac?" I shot back, even surprising myself with the force of my jab. "I'll give you three guesses. No, wait. Don't strain yourself. Wouldn't want to hurt your head." I waved a flyer in his face, channeling my inner mean girl. "See these? I'm hanging them...on a...wall!" I spoke the last part slowly, as if addressing a dim-witted child. Which wasn't far off the mark, now that I thought about it. "With tape," I added, waving at the dispenser. "You know-sticky, sticky!”
Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl
tags: humor
“Anyway, I'm sure the guy lives a million miles away."
"Or he could live right in your backyard. You never know."
I nodded, keeping a poker face, even though the idea of Sir Leo living in my backyard was extremely appealing.”
Mari Mancusi, Gamer Girl

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