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The Winter Rose (The Tea Rose, #2) The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly
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“He who cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“Most people, if they were generous, were so because they thought life was short and that one must make the most of it. Sid Baxter was generous because he knew that life was long. It went on and on even when you had no use for it anymore. It was happiness, not life, that was short, and when it visited - in the form of a fine evening spent talking with a friend - he honoured it.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“Who needs make-believe monsters when there are so many real ones.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“Her grey eyes sparkled with passion as she spoke. Sid looked into them and for a second he glimpsed her soul. He saw what she was - fierce and brave. Upright. Impatient. And good. So good that she would sit covered in gore, shout at dangerous men, and keep a long, lonely vigil - all to save the likes of him. He realized she was a rare creature, as rare as a rose in winter.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“India said, 'But Mrs. Moskowitz, it just won't work. I still have to find a proper salaried position. I have to cover my expenses. Pay my rent.'
'You will stay with us.'
'Thank you. Truly. But it would be impossible.'
Mrs. Moskowitz reached across the table. She covered India's hand with her own. 'With all respect, my dear India,' she said, 'I look to God to tell me what is possible. Not to you.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“Ambition and poverty are powerful motivators...”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose
“His arms around her felt like nothing she’d ever known and everything she’d ever wanted.”
Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose

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