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Crank (Crank, #1) Crank by Ellen Hopkins
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“I hate this feeling. Like I'm here, but I'm not. Like someone cares. But they don't. Like I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here, and escape lies just past that snowy window, cool and crisp as the February air.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Taking no chances means wasting your dreams..”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Have you ever had so much to say that your mouth closed up tight struggling to harness the nuclear force coalescing within your words? Have you ever had so many thoughts churning inside you that you didn’t dare let them escape in case they blew you wide open? Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you?”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“You were a summer gift, one I'll always treasure. You were a dream I never wanted to wake up from. You opened my eyes to things I'll never really see. You're the best thing that will ever happen to me.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
tags: love
“Smile. Nod. Say
something witty
before he finds
out what an incredible
geek you are.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Girls get screwed.
Not that kind of screwed, what I mean is, they're always on the short end of things.

The way things work, how
guys feel great, but make girls feel
cheap for doing
exactly what
they beg for.

The way they get to play you,
all the while claiming they
love you and making you
believe it's

The way it's okay to gift their heart one day, a backhand the next,
to move on to the apricot
when the peach blushes and bruises.

These things make me believe God's a man after all.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Funny thing, your brain,
how it always functions on one
level or another. How, even stuck in
some sort of subconcious limbo, it works
your lungs, your muscle twitches, your heart,
in fact, in symphony with your heart, allowing it
to feel love. Pain. Jealousy. Guilt. I wonder if it’s the
same for people, lost in comas. Is there really such a thing”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“How could I share the
way my heart was breaking
when my confessor
didn’t believe”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“you come home, and everyone talks at once and everyone asks questions, but no one waits for the answers.Instead they talk about themselves, what they've been up to, what they're going to do next,       as if you're a photo on the wall.And then they talk to one another, forgetting you've jsut flown in, forgetting you're in the backseat, forgetting they've already said it all.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“We used to do coke, till "Just Say No" put the stuff out of reach. Now it's crank. Meth. The monster. It's a bitch on the body, but damn do you fly.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“The monster likes to talk; he jumps into your head and opens your mouth, making it spout your deepest darkest deceptions. Making you say all the things you'd rather not say, at least not in mixed company." (Ellen Hopkins)”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“The problem with resolutions is they're only as solid as the person making them.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“you fly until you crash two days
two nights
no sleep,
no food,
come down off the monster
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“empty and closed, hovering in some frozen netherworld neither sun nor rain could thaw.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“How can I explain purposely setting foot on a path so blatantly treacherous? Was the fun in the fall?”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Life was good
before I
the monster.
was great
At least
for a little while”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Alone, there is only the person inside. I've grown to like her better than the stuck-up husk of me. Alone, there is no perfect daughter, no gifted high school junior, no Kristina Georgia Snow. There is only Bree." (Ellen Hopkins)”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“We kissed for about
the thousandth time,
No promises,
no demands,
Just solid rebuilding
of shattered trust.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“You're a gift, one I'll always treasure. You're a dream I never want to wake up from. You open my eyes to things I'll never really see. You're the best thing that will ever happen to me. Be safe. Be smart. Stay you.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“So you want to know all about me. Who
I am.
What chance meeting of brush and canvas painted
the face
you see? What made me despise the girl
in the mirror
enough to transform her,turn her to into a stranger,
only not.
So you want to hear the whole story. Why
I swerved
off the high road,
hard left to nowhere,
indifferent to those coughing my dust,
picked up speed
no limits,no top end,
just a high velocity rush
to madness.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“It was body rush
After body rush,
intensity building.

Touch me there.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“With you, I am Eve. And you are my beautiful Adam. Let's run away, find our garden, live there together, happy. Naked.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Hot flush, raging bluch. Ice flash, instant crash.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Red and raw like my brain, unable to shut down, thoughts crashing like electrons orbiting a nucleus of deuling emotions.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Our meeting, touching, accidentally connecting immediately, interwoven hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Detailed descriptions, abstract ambitions, relevant observations, your's and mine.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“As I thought
about that, I had
to wonder: What will we
know better about tomorrow?
Who cares? Hindsight is useless.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
tags: crank
“Your hurt swallows ine, like space swallows time, and the two intertwine. We tangle together.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“So you want to know all about me, Who
I am
What chance meeting of brush and canvas painted
the face
you see? what made me despise the girl
in the mirror
enough to transform her, turn her into a stranger,
only not.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank
“Forever made that kiss stand out in my mind, touch my heart, make me remember a kiss so tender.”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank

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