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Hold On Hold On by Amelia Mysko
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“The second we are born, we start dying. So this is not life, this is death.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“I am okay but I am not okay and I don't know how to explain that any better.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“Sad things are beautiful in a way which can only be explained to those who already understand.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“The scary thing is, the more I slack off, the more it piles up and the more it piles up, the more I slack off.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“...the way a bubble will float along gracefully and let every colour shine from within it until it suddenly bursts and is never to be seen again. Maybe that is the beauty of beauty. It does not last and therefore, forces us to appreciate it whilst we still can.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“Scarring smiles, hidden tears,
You stand, heads bowed and revere
The soul before us, burnt and torn
Her faded essence, we sadly mourn
And though she walked a path of lies
Her spirit surely still shall rise
And among her own, she can be at peace
An eternal angel, she’s been released.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“My life is a train and it has derailed.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“I am alone even when I'm in the middle of a crowd.
I am sad even when I'm laughing hysterically.
I am dead even when I'm alive. And isn't that the worst kind?”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“Pretending like I don’t exist makes it easier because that means emotions and actions don’t exist either.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“Mum, at Sam’s funeral, I didn’t cry... is that -- is that normal?"
"Lauren, write in your journal and you’ll feel better.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“People say that life is like a roller coaster but it is not. Life is a train. It goes incredibly fast and sometimes, when you get to the end of the line, you realise that you were never going in the right direction anyway.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“I am always falling and when I look up, I can’t see the light and when I look down, I can’t see the bottom. I am just stuck here, somewhere in the middle, falling through darkness.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On
“Death is inevitable. Life is inevitable too. However, the timing is somewhat flexible.”
Amelia Mysko, Hold On

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