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A Gesture Life A Gesture Life by Chang-rae Lee
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“...whether the people are happy or not in their lives, they have learned to keep steadily moving, moving all the time.”
Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life
“And though the implication is that I am the sort who is always careful and preparing, I that that's not right, either' in fact I feel I have not really been living anywhere or anytime, not for the future and not in the past and not at all of-the-moment, but rather in a lonely dream of an oblivion, the nothing-of-nothing drift from one pulse beat to the next, which is really the most bloodless marking-out, automatic and involuntary. [pp. 320-321]”
Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life
“I know again why I favor it so much here, how I esteem the hush of this suburban foliage in every season, the surprising naturalness of its studied, human plan, how the privying hills and vales and dead-end lanes make one feel this indeed is the good and decent living, a cloister for those of us who are modest and unspecial. [p. 130}”
Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life
“It seems I have always been fortunate to be in a certain provident, which must be my sole skill, and worth, and luck. [p. 138]”
Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life
“...it seems to me that life's moments don't have to be so right or not right anymore, so fraught and weighted with "valve", but just of themselves, what they are...”
Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life

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