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Chasing Memories Chasing Memories by Adriana Law
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“I’m not saying it will be perfect, it seldom ever is, BUT what’s wrong with giving love another chance? I want to make new memories with you, Chase. I want you to show up at my house for a date. A real date. I want to stress over what to wear. I want to miss you when you’re not with me. I want to get all giggly whenever you call saying you need to hear my voice one last time before you can go to sleep. I want get jealous because some girl realizes what I’ve got and tries to convince you … you can do better. I want to smile when you tell her that she doesn’t have a chance….” -Chasing Memories”
Adriana Law, Chasing Memories
“If you’re gonna be somebody’s heartbreak
If you’re gonna be somebody’s mistake
If you’re gonna be somebody’s first time, somebody’s last, baby be mine – Hunter Hayes”
Adriana Law, Chasing Memories
“I hate that I got dealt shitty parents! I hate how you make me feel like scum! I hate that you’re always running away from me! And I hate that I ever fucking gave you the power to destroy me!”
Adriana Law, Chasing Memories
“I need you to know the answer. I need you to know why I stay.” “Okay. Why do you stay?” She was breathless. “Because you’re worth the fight, Gin.” He brushed his lips over hers. “You’re worth every minute of the pain.”
Adriana Law, Chasing Memories
“For the first time in her life, she was”
Adriana Law, Chasing Memories

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