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Dangerous Secrets (Dangerous, #2) Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
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“Hey guys, stop locking antlers. The smell of testosterone is overriding the farts.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“We've had this conversation already and watch your mouth, you fuckhead, there's a lady here.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“His son. That funny creature that looked like a skinned rabbit was his son.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“You will not compromise ths part of the mission before it's begun, I hope that's clear.

"Or what?" Nick asked, swiveling back to him.

"Or I'l fucking cuff you, that's what."

Nick bared his teeth. "You can fucking try. And you watch your fucking language. There's a lady here.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“Nick advanced slowly and she backed away. Not out of fear, but out of excitement at the heat in his eyes. She stopped when her back hit the wall and, a second later, Nick's hands slapped against the wall on either side of her head.

His head moved down as her eyelids drifted closed. Her head fell back, tipped against the wall. She expected one of his bone-melting kisses, but he stopped just before fitting his mouth to hers. She could feel his hot breath washing over her face.

"Hello, gorgeous," he whispered.

Charity smiled without opening her eyes. "Hello," she whispered back.

"Did you miss me?"

Every cell in her body had missed him. "You have no idea."

Nick leaned in, pressing his entire body against hers. "Oh yeah," he said softly. "I have an idea.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“The sound of a boot heel striking her hardwood floor. The darkness coalesced, gained an outline. A tall, broad-shouldered figure dressed in black stepped forward. A deep voice said, "I won't let you go to Worontzoff's house, Charity.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets
“I can count on that? That you'll get out of here? Because you look an awful lot like you're about to go cowboy again on me, Iceman. More than you already have, and I can't accept that.”
Lisa Marie Rice, Dangerous Secrets

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