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Saving Grace (Mad World, #2) Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz
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“Grace: "I wanted to tell you how I felt. Why I was always so mean to you, Shane."

- "Because you feel broken?"

- "Completely shattered," I whispered

Bringing his hands to my face, he leaned over me, lightly stroking my cheeks with his fingertips. - "Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the
rest of my fucking life I will put you back together...
I'll make you whole again.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I’m sorry, what did you say? I’m not fluent in stupid drunk slut”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“You want to be my first, Shane?”
“No baby, I’m going to be your last”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Bitch," Bliss hissed crossing her arms in front of her chest.

Lea laughed louder, "Oh, one syllable word war. You don't even need a brain to play that game! Okay, my turn! Cunt!”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
tags: lea
“Remember tonight...for it is the beginning of always," he whispered... - Shane

That damn man just ruined all other men for me. Once you tasted that man, he made all others go sour in your mouth. Ah crap, I was in love with him. - Grace”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
I didn't know I was lost
Until you found me
I never knew what love was
Until you touched my hand
I lost myself long ago
In between your lips
And now here you are
You steal my breath away
Until you I never really knew heaven
Cause until you it was only ever hell
I didn't know I was so far gone
Until you brought me home
I promise you, girl
I know you're shattered
I'll pick up your pieces
And make you whole again
Cause until you girl
I've been shattered too
Since my very first kiss
It's only been you

Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
tags: song
“Holy fellatio! You are standing there licking him up with your eyes! Do you freaking hear the old seventies porn music playing in your head?”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life, I will put you back together… I’ll make you whole again.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I want to wake up ev­ery day I have left to the warmth of your lips on mine, the sound of your voice singing next to me, the feel of your fin­gers on my skin and your heart beat­ing mu­sic with mine.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I could have had an orgasm from the mind fuck he was giving me right there”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Psf. I'm not an alcoholic. An alcoholic needs a drink. Look here," I explained raising my next shot to her. "I already have one. S therefore, I do not need one. Which makes me not an alcoholic.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I've waited for what feels like two thousand years to tell you how much I love you and to touch your lips again.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“No matter what happens from here, know that I have always, I will always love you and I will always protect you.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Shane smirked and straddled the bike
showing his back to me, end of discussion.
I was speechless anyway. I couldn't even
think right. Well...mentally he was about eight
inches deep in me and I was screaming his name
raking my nails down his back.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Got plans for the rest of the day ?"
"No plans," I whispered. Test drive your mattress? Let me pretend to be a Skittle and you can taste my rainbow? Fifty Shades me? Please ! Oh, holy horror, I'm freaking losing it.
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Were you dropped on your head as a baby or did your mother just throw you against a wall ?”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“He let his guitar swing behind him and cupped my face with his hand. "I love you, Grace Taylor." It barely came out above a whisper from his lips but it echoed throught the microphone. And then he kissed me. In front of everyone, he kissed me. A slow, deep kiss that sent heat from my lips to every other surface of my skin, and completely an utterly set me on fire.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Grace," he whispered as he slid his fingers over my swollen lips. "I want to be inside you so damn bad right now. But when I do that, I want to hear you scream my fucking name as you claw your nails down my back.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“It is a pure soul who can hold true the in­no­cence and time­less­ness of pas­sion in an­oth­er soul. Each un­veil­ing the great­est pieces of the oth­er, locked to­geth­er at the heart for eter­ni­ty”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I swung the door open and seductively leaned against it. The ultimate badass looked like he was having a heart attack.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Mine," Shane said. "Move away."
HIS? Oh, I am so yours Shane Maxton.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“The first kiss, the first time my lips were on yours...the hell...I wouldn't take one moment of it back...”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“With my guitar, I could write my own stories, my own poems, and my own destiny. No one could take away the feelings, the emotions or the truth of my notes. They could hide secrets and provoke images of words that never should be whispered. I could compose the melody of my aching heart and write into it my own happily ever after since no one seemed to think after all my suffering I deserved one. That's okay, I would make my own.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Just pull the fucking trigger on me now, please.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“You have had my heart with you for thousands of years, and I have been so empty until now.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Well, don’t let your thighs rub too close together, because you look like you’re about to have a walking orgasm”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Oh, and let’s not forget that there seems to be a gang of idiotic, fallen angels after me. Honestly, they could all kiss my ass.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“Do you still love him?"

"Always and forever, and then an eternity after.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“You could probably open up a damn seafood house with all the crabs he probably has.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace
“I wanted to wrap that moment up in tissue paper and save it forever someplace near my heart, just so I could take it out and look at it when the world was too harsh. The beautiful drunk boy in the pillow fort in my living room telling me I was exquisite.”
Christine Zolendz, Saving Grace

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