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Warprize  (Chronicles of the Warlands, #1) Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
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“Want to know the best part of being a warlord?' came a hoarse whisper.

I bit my lip, puzzled by the question.

Keir’s mouth curled up slowly into a smile. 'I always get what I want.”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize
“The only source of my power are the pages you hold and the words written thereon. As you read them, I hope the magic starts to work between my words and your imagination.”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize
“You are not property. If you choose to leave, no one will stop you.”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize
“You tried. That was all you could do. All any of us can do....”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize
“I tried to stay in the clear parts of the road, avoiding horse dung. Perhaps going barefoot had not been the wisest choice.”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize
“apoplectic. I let them stew”
Elizabeth Vaughan, Warprize

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