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Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood, #1) Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier
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“If a man has to say trust me, Gogu conveyed, it's a sure sign you cannot. Trust him, that is. Trust is a thing you know without words.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
So you do believe in... true love? she whispered.
I took a deep breath, I think I have to, I said, blinking back tears. Without it, we're all going nowhere.
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“If a man has to say trust me it's a sure sign you cannot. Trust him, that is. Trust is a thing you do without words.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“I like the truth, even when it does trouble me.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“Nothing comes without a price.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“She seemed fragile like a moonflower – destined to bloom for a single lovely night, and then to fade and fall.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“At the end of the parapet, a long black coat lay neatly folded on the wall. At the other end stood my sister and her lover. Tati’s arms were wound around Sorrow’s neck, her body pressed close to his, as if she would melt into him. His hands were enlaced in my sister’s long hair as he strained her slight form against him, white on black. Their eyes were closed; their lips clung; they were lost in each other. It was beautiful and powerful. It was impossible.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing
“Death is final. The felling of trees is final. What we ask of you is simply the recognition of change, Jena. Yours is a world of constant change. You must learn to change, too. You spend a great deal of time worrying about others: trying to put their lives right, trying to shape your world as you believe it should be. You must learn to trust your instincts, or you are doomed to spend your life blinded by duty while beside you a wondrous tree sprouts and springs up and buds and blooms, and your heart takes no comfort from it, for you cannot raise your eyes to see it.”
Juliet Marillier, Wildwood Dancing

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