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Dollhouse (Dark Carousel #1) Dollhouse by Anya Allyn
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“You want to know everything? Look at yourself. You discover a truth and can barely function.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse
“Philomena spun a tale about a butterfly that turned back into a caterpillar—saying that the butterfly would rather live in the cocoon for years than fly under the sun for only a few short days.
“Butterflies don’t last,” said Philomena solemnly.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse
“I tried to force myself to say goodnight, get up and walk away. But the words wouldn’t form. The world closed in, grew small and tight—the space within a snow globe. Cradling my arms into my chest, I leaned forward, and my mouth found his. His lips were cold, his body tensing.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse
“None of us moved for a moment, and I knew why. The possibility of finding Aisha like that was too much, too grisly.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse
“The misting rain from earlier had moistened the hair on the back of his neck into tiny curls. Everything about him was off-kilter, from the wiry slant of his back—where his backpack swung from one shoulder—to the carelessness of his voice. He was the most real person I’d ever known.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse
“I've heard that the walls of old houses sometimes hold onto voices - and play them back at odd times.”
Anya Allyn, Dollhouse

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