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A Sudden, Fearful Death (William Monk, #4) A Sudden, Fearful Death by Anne Perry
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“It was not something you could call friendship; it was at once less and more. The sharing of such experiences created a bond and set them apart from all others. It was not something that could be told to another person. There were no words with a meaning both could understand which would impart the physical horror or the heights and depths of emotion.”
Anne Perry, A Sudden, Fearful Death
“Page 134 Florence Nightengale is speaking to William Monk
Of course. If you know the truth, it takes a gentler and perhaps a wiser woman than Purdence Barrymore not to speak it aloud. She did not understand the arts of diplomacy. I fear that perhaps I do not either. The sick cannot wait for flattery and coercion to do their work.”
Anne Perry, A Sudden, Fearful Death

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