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Buddhaland Brooklyn Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard C. Morais
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“Have you noticed, to get fresh air into a house after a hard winter, you must sometimes use a little force to open the window that has for too long been sealed shut?”
Richard C. Morais, Buddhaland Brooklyn
“The life of a man is like a ball in the river, the Buddhist texts state - no matter what our will wants or desires, we are swept along by an invisible current that finally delivers us to the limitless expanse of the black sea. This image rather appeals to me. It suggests there are times when we float lightly along life's surface, bobbing from one languid, long pool to another. But then, when we least expect it, we turn a river bend and find ourselves plummeting over a thundering waterfall into the churning abyss below. This I have experienced. And more.”
Richard C. Morais, Buddhaland Brooklyn
“I now believe enlightenment is a simple state: it is the ability to suffer what there is to suffer; it is the ability to enjoy what there is to enjoy. To understand that, truly, is enlightenment. And this is the way it should be, for the Buddha visits us only randomly and in the hours of our greatest need, often when we least expect it, teaching us, in this way, to stand alone and firm in this world.”
Richard C. Morais, Buddhaland Brooklyn: A Novel
“Observe this lotus flower blooming before us in the pond. If you study it hard, really look, you will see that below this surface picture, it is the mud and rot of a stagnant pond that is actually producing the lotus flower’s pretty bloom.”
Richard C. Morais, Buddhaland Brooklyn: A Novel

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