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Guitar Notes Guitar Notes by Mary Amato
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“Maybe it explains the reason why one person likes another. It's because their souls both thrum at the same frequency.”
Mary Amato, Guitar Notes
“You do realize that you are a termite. You are eating through my soul.”
Mary Amato, Guitar Notes
tags: souls
“When she talks to Tripp, something nice happens inside of her: a vibration, a thrum. It's as if a tiny wind chime is suspended inside her soul, she thinks, and his words are the wind that makes it ring.”
Mary Amato, Guitar Notes
“They were lucky to find each other. Nobody could take that away.”
Mary Amato, Guitar Notes
“Her checkbook catches his eye. He takes it and hides it in the back of the freezer, underneath a bag of frozen lima beans. If she can freeze his account, he can freeze hers.”
Mary Amato, Guitar Notes

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