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Mudwoman Mudwoman by Joyce Carol Oates
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“Paradox: how do we know what we have failed to see because we have no language to express it, thus we cannot know that we have failed to see it.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
“The challenge is to resist circumstances. Any idiot can be happy in a happy place, but moral courage is required to be happy in a hellhole.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
“... her Quaker instincts led her to apologize for wrongs not her own to minimize conflict.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
“The folly of war is that it can have no natural end except in the extinction an entire people.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
tags: war
“Alone,alone! It is a fact, you hear more acutely and you see and think most acutely,when you are alone.
Alone, alone! But there is happiness in alone, if you believe you have chosen it.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
“And remember: you must not overwork your body, or your soul. You must not enslave yourself, as you would not enslave any other person. You must be the custodian of your self.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Mudwoman
tags: self, soul, work

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