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Instinct (Holloway Pack, #0) Instinct by J.A. Belfield
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“My heart left me no choice.”
J.A. Belfield, Instinct
“At that moment, I wished I were the wind, free to dance across her flesh, seep through her clothing, and explore the forbidden depths of her body beneath.”
Sean Holloway. (J.A. Belfield), Instinct
“A meeting of the hearts of two Gemini has been known to end with explosive results, Mr Holloway.”
(Jem) J.A. Belfield, Instinct
“Sean Holloway is a ladies' man, and not to be trusted.”
J.A. Belfield, Instinct
“Side by side, breath for breath, beat for beat.”
J.A. Belfield, Instinct

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