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Relentless (Dominion, #1) Relentless by Robin Parrish
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“We all have that moment in life when something terrible happens for the first time. Something so unexpected, so awful, that it takes the magic out of the world. Life becomes harder, colder. And everything we do in our lives, from that day on, is our way of coping with that one moment. We stop living and we merely exist. We either choose to move on from that, or we let it consume us.”
Robin Parrish, Relentless
“Well, somebody got the deluxe package."
He turned at last to face the intruder. She was in her mid-to-late twenties. Wearing a no-muss T-shirt and jeans. She went without makeup, a rarity for L.A., and there was no jewelry either.”
Robin Parrish, Relentless
“Who? What's wrong?" Daniel stammered.”
Robin Parrish, Relentless
“The conversation he'd been waiting years for. Quite possibly his entire life for.”
Robin Parrish, Relentless
Robin Parrish, Relentless
“He hadn't known her for very long before he realized that she lacked a filter between her brain and her mouth-she simply verbalized every thought that entered her mind.”
Robin Parrish, Relentless
“There are more colors in the crayon box than black and white, hotshot," she countered. "Everyone's got their own agenda, and I do mean everyone. And it's rarely the one they let you see. But”
Robin Parrish, Relentless

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