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The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1) The Awakening by L.J. Smith
51,062 ratings, 3.41 average rating, 2,796 reviews
The Awakening Quotes (showing 1-13 of 13)
“Evil will never find peace. It may triumph, but it will never find peace.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“It doesn't matter if you can't say it right now. I'll say it for both of us. And someday you'll learn.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“I want him to love me as much as I love him.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“There’s nothing to read into. I’m here to collect my beloved Damon and
Stefan is just helping me.”

Bonnie looked at her with her brows knitted and her mouth pursed, but
didn’t venture a word.

“Did I just say what I thought I said?”

Elena, with one motion, gathered an armful of pillows and deposited them
on her face.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“And her slender white neck was bowed over her book, the fair hair falling on either side of it”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“I'm playing with fire, with something I don't understand.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“For a moment he wondered, again, if he should just give it all up. Perhaps he should go back to Italy, back to his hiding place. What made him think that he could rejoin the world of daylight?
But he was tired of living in shadows. He was tired of the darkness, and of the things that lived in it. Most of all, he was tired of being alone.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“Right now everything looks so strange to me, as if I don't belong here. It's me that's out of place. And the worst thing is that I feel there's somewhere I do belong, but I just can't find it.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“But where Katherine was a white kitten, Elena was a white tigress.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“Perhaps she’ll find that real darkness is more to her taste than feeble twilight.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“Stefan’s love bathed her, shone through her, lighting every dark place in her soul like the sun. She trembled with pleasure, with love, and with longing.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“She knew, then, that it had not been hatred that had made him avoid her for so long. No, it had not been hatred at all.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening
“In grace and beauty and sheer fascination, they were alike. But where Katherine had been a white kitten, Elena was a snow-white tigress.”
L.J. Smith, The Awakening

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