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The Other Guy's Bride (Braxton, #2) The Other Guy's Bride by Connie Brockway
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“I am no good without you, Ginesse,” he said. “I spent a lifetime alone, but I never understood loneliness until I was away from you. I never understood happiness until I saw you again.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“Because every time you said my name, it would touch
your lips.” His voice lost its hard edge, grew as dark and
smoky as his gaze. “Like a kiss.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“I love you,” she whispered, gazing up into his pale gray eyes.
He smiled crookedly, for a moment looking at her with a dazzled air. He had, she realized sadly, no experience hearing those words. He didn’t know how to react. “I figured as much.”
This time, she didn’t hit him.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“Why did you refuse to marry me then?” he demanded.
She should be quiet; she should just stay mute. But she was angry and hurt. Only moments before he’d been saying such lovely things; now he was being horrible. “Why can’t you help yourself?” she countered, shouting back.
“Why are you compelled to come after me?” she demanded, setting her hands on her hips.
For a moment, he just stared at her as if she was daft.
“Because I love you,” he finally said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
“What?” She’d waited to hear him say those words for what seemed like an eternity, and now he’d said them just as casually and unconcernedly as he might have said, “I like that dress” or “Spot is a good name for a dog.”
“Because I love you,” he repeated. “Why else would I?”
“I don’t know. Because you’re mad?” she suggested. How dare he say he loved her here, in such a manner, with so little fanfare?
He was watching her carefully. “You seem upset.”
“Oh. Do I?” she asked sweetly. Behind her, the horse shifted uneasily. Smart horse. “Perhaps it’s because I do not believe you.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“They locked him in the stockade for four days. No other prisoners occupied the other cells that ran the length of the room. He was alone, and that was fine with him. He needed to think, and that was best done in a place where he wouldn’t see Ginesse Braxton—Ginesse, not Mildred—because she did things to his thought processes, such as dammed them up completely.

She acted and he reacted: viscerally, irrepressibly, and ruinously.
She fell in the water; he dove in after her. She laughed; he smiled. She mentioned the beauty of the sunset; he saw colors in it he hadn’t ever noticed. She peeked at him from under her gold-tipped lashes; he grew hard as Damascus steel. Pomfrey said something derogatory; he wanted to kill the sonofabitch with his bare hands.

Things like that.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“I love you, Ginesse. Don't you see? You are my Zerzura. You are my undiscovered country, both my heart's destination and journey. Gold and temples, jewels and gems don't hold one bit of your enticement. You are my Solomon's mine, my uncharted empire. You are the only home I need to know, the only journey I want to take, the only treasure I would die to claim. You are exotic and familiar, opiate and tonic, hard conscience and sweet temptation. And now I have no more words to give you, Ginesse. I only have my heart, and you already own that.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride
“Another suitor you failed to mention?" he asked, only half in jest.

Her eyes widened innocently, she started to shake her head - and froze.

"Look mister," Jim said tiredly. "I don't know who you are, and I don't care. You're too damn old for her-"

"Hi, Daddy.”
Connie Brockway, The Other Guy's Bride

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